Electric Circuit adds new fast-charge stations at Coq Rôti restaurant

The Electric Circuit, described by Hydro-Québec as the largest public charging network for electric vehicles in Canada’s French-speaking province, recently announced that it has added new fast-charging EV stations at the Coq Rôti restaurant at L’Étape — in the Réserve faunique des Laurentides.

The new fast chargers are meant to make EV charging easier, while also reducing lineups. Six fast-charge stations are already available at L’Étape. However, the Electric Circuit is adding two 180-kW charging stations and one 200-kW station with power-sharing from FreeWire Technologies. A vehicle with a trailer should also be able to connect to the new charging station.

“L’Étape is a strategic location for EV drivers travelling between Québec City and Saguenay,” said France Lampron, Director of Mobility and Head of the Electric Circuit at Hydro-Québec, in a statement.

Also of interest is FreeWire’s Boost Charger as a solution for grid management; its peak-period energy demands are less needy than traditional charging stations (nearly eight times less needy). And the L’Étape charging station has a generator from GAL Power Systems in Saguenay that will supply two 50-kW charging stations and the 200-kW charging station.

“In keeping with its mission to provide a reliable charging service throughout Québec, the Electric Circuit welcomes FreeWire’s technology as an excellent way to improve its service while limiting the impact on the power grid,” added Lampron. “What’s more, adding a generator to supply certain charging stations during a power outage makes the service more robust regardless of weather conditions.”

Natural Resources Canada provided financial support for the installation of the new charging stations through its Zero Emission Vehicle Infrastructure Program.

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