Used vehicle sales right on par with prior week

The Canadian used wholesale market saw prices decline -0.52% for the week ending on Jan. 20 — nearly on par with the prior week’s -0.51% and a stone’s throw away from the 2017-2019 average of -0.28% for the same period, according to Canadian Black Book’s latest market insights update.

On a segment basis, the overall car category was down -0.70%, compared to the prior week’s -0.59%. And the overall truck/SUV segments saw a decrease of -0.34% compared to the previous reporting period’s -0.42%. What remains wholly unchanged is that none of the 22 segments’ values increased for the week.

In the United States, the overall car and truck segments decreased -0.49% last week and -0.63% the prior week. The volume-weighted car segments were down -0.37%, compared to -0.39% the week before that. And the volume-weighted truck segments decreased by -0.53%, versus the -0.73% experienced the prior week.

In Canada, the premium-sports car segment experienced minimal decline (-0.08%), while the decrease felt by compact cars was slightly more profound (-0.52%). However, the most significant decline observed came from tied sub-compact cars and sports cars, at -1.27%.

For trucks/SUVs, all segments showed a depreciation. Those with the largest declines were compact vans (-0.92%) and small pickups (-0.69%). Others include full-size pickups (-0.53%) and cub-compact crossovers (-0.52%).

As for the average listing price for used vehicles, as per the 14-day moving average, it was approximately $37,400. The analysis is based on around 208,000 vehicles listed for sale on Canadian dealer lots, according to CBB.

The full report is available here.

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